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Unit Funds

Unit Funds are available to Reserve Training Units assigned to PRFTA for training. Funding is provided in the amount of $1 per service member over a 30-day period. 

Units that are assigned to Camp Parks, and have available funding from their headquarters, may arrange for functions at any of our facilities by contacting the Community Activities Center. Coordination will then be made with the Financial Manager to process transfer of funds to PRFTA using our assigned “CAGE" Code.

Requests for Unit Fund

(Click here to download form)

1. Memorandum requesting funds signed by the Unit Fund Appointed Fund Custodian.

2. Current fund custodian appointment memo signed by the Unit Commander.

3. A copy of unit orders sending the unit to annual training (AT).

4. Roster with name of the Soldiers.

  • The request form must include the name and telephone number of the point of contact
  • Allow at least Three working days for the request to be processed
  • Funds will be used for the collective benefit of all members during MWR recreational activities. Funds are available for training periods less than 30 days
  • Records of expenditures will be maintained by the unit and original receipt provided to MWR
  • Only the unit fund custodian can pick up payments. Signature and Identification (ID) is required for payment

Pursuant to AR 215-1, Chapter 6-Article B-1: “Separate unit funds may be established, managed, and administered at the unit level for Isolated and deployed Active Army Units (to include RC units when activated for 30 or more days) and full-time support (FTS) RC personnel physically located at such a distance from the nearest military installation that requiring the use of garrison MWR facilities by Soldiers assigned at attached to the unit would be unreasonable or impractical.” 

This office requires the submission of receipts to support the distribution of dividend funds at this installation.

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